I am, Shivani Singh, a Clinical Psychologist and a Parenting Coach, who pioneered the much needed concept of Parent Child Counseling in my hometown, Ludhiana, India.

In the last 10 years of practice, I have helped thousands of parents understand the behavior of their children, discover their uniqueness and nurture it, improve their performance in academics and other fields and choose the best career options based on their skills and psychological needs.

As a Clinical Psychologist, I have diagnosed, treated and cured hundreds of people suffering from various mental disorders. My core specialization is depressive and anxiety disorders, personality disorders, ADHD and cognitive disabilities.

I believe that psycho therapies are the only solution to the mental ailments as psychology aims at diagnosing the cause of a problem and resolving it rather than temporarily relieving the symptoms by giving suppressing medications.

To improve the various cognitive abilities, I have designed a program by the name of Holistic Engagement and Development (HEAD) for the children and have helped hundreds of them in improving their cognitive skills like logic, language, reading, writing, imagination, visual focus and concentration.

I believe that parenting is a skill and has to be learned and that there are neither bad children nor bad parents but there definitely is bad parenting. Hence, I encourage parents to sort their own emotional and other issues so that they do not unload their frustrations on their young ones.

My own journey is an example of how becoming a parent can evolve a person to be his/her best self.

Before discovering my passion for counseling and interest in psychology, I worked in the corporate sector for eight years post completing my Masters in Business Administration in 2003.

In 2008, post the birth of my elder daughter I had a compelling desire to be a good mother, which got me inclined towards the field of child psychology. In 2009, I left my high paying corporate job to do my Masters in Psychology and since then have helped many parents evolve and become better parents and humans.

I am a thinker who expresses her inner turmoil and wisdom as a writer in her blogs. My maiden book was published under the title “If You Have Dreams, Mind Your Own Business”.

A mother of two beautiful daughters I am a mountain girl at heart and a travel enthusiast and loves to read, write and watch Netflix in her free time.

Enjoy reading my heartfelt musings.